You may have thought to yourself, my time has passed to get an education. You may think you are too old and that you cannot learn or study like you used to. Perhaps you are just graduated from high school or even dropped out of school to pursue other endeavors. Well, whatever your situation, let me talk over with you, as if you were my close friend, a couple reasons why I think entertaining an online education would be a great idea.

I once heard a story of a man who sat down one day and scribbled out what he would like to hear his family and friends say at his funeral. Kind of odd and no, this man was not suicidal, he just had an idea in his head. The idea was this, “The way I want people to talk about me when I am gone better be the way that I am living, so they can rightfully and honestly say those things about me.”

Not a too far out idea if you ask me. Such a simple idea, yet powerful. This man wanted to live his life in accordance with his inner desires. It was an experiment in self awareness, but also one in self creation. He was a step ahead of Alice when she met the Cheshire Cat and asked which way she should go. Perhaps had she spent a little time with this man, she could have met that mangy old tabby and said, “which road leads to a strong character?”

So, that is my first reason for getting an online education: it can help you grow in ways that people will remember you for after you are gone. Develop a strong determination though your educational experience can be one of your primary goals. This way it does not matter as much what you study, though I think it need be one you feel drawn to and somewhat passionate about.

Next, I want to share another story, one of personal growth. Time and time again I have noticed people that graduate and once they do, they seem to throw their books along with their caps. Sometimes it is difficult in the necessities of life to continue to learn and grow. But medical science is letting us know that not only is it possible to continue to learn into old age, but it is important! Those who continue to learn and challenge their minds grow new brain cells which helps them to weather the storms that old age can occasionally bring with it.

In your journey to continually sharpen your mind you may find the structure of the teacher/student relationship particularly powerful. When you can learn a subject from someone who has studied to teach it, you benefit from their increased knowledge. You also can find the passion of someone excited about a subject can rub off and help in the learning process. Picking some books up from the library or bookstore is definitely one way to keep on learning, but joining others with a steady structure can help you progress and learn even more.

So, the two reasons why I think an online education is important to consider at any age are one: To become the person you wish people to remember after you’re gone and perhaps even to be an example they can use as strength to accomplish great things on their own journeys and two: to keep mentally sharp and affect your long term heath by increasing the neuronal connections in your brain. But whether you learn from a study club, books from the library or with an online education, make a commitment to improving yourself a little each day and over time you will be able to look back without regrets…assuming you do not rob a bank to pay for your education. J

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