It may seem like an odd notion, but many men don’t understand women. It is no secret that we have our differences, but it does seem to be a secret as to how to bridge that so often vast chasm that separates the two beings. In his books about men & women differences popular speaker and author John Gray rides those differences to get people laughing. In that state they are more ready to hear the truth that underscores the humorous nature of the space between Mars & Venus.

Dr. Gray has helped many to understand the opposite sex much more than they previously did and while buying a book isn’t the end all, he has succeeded in bridging the gap for many. Similarly, in the course of my schooling I took some psych classes. It too has really helped me to “get” girls to a much greater degree. We must seek to understand, says Dr. Steven Covey, before we seek to be understood. So, if you are interested in understanding girls better, let me share with you a few ways that taking some online psychology courses can help.

First off, by enrolling in some classes, probably regardless of what they even are, you put yourself in a whole other realm to the women you will approach and date. There is something about a man with direction and ambition that girls like and when they can see in you positive traits that they desire to have in a man they are more apt to open up and share with you about themselves. This is the first window in opening up a window into understanding women – becoming a man in whom they can feel safe around. Make sure your direction is real and you have a good head start.

Now, do not by any means stop there. Just because a woman shares with you her heart does not mean that you will understand it. But it helps! Next, signing up for a psych class or two will give you additional perspectives, especially ones of meticulous observers. That is what the field of psychology is, detailed study of why people do what they do, their motivations and thought patterns. And that includes girls too! So, just by showing up you can be much farther ahead in understanding than you presently are.

Lastly, if you want to take this understanding to a new level, you have to BECOME the observer, the listener. It is in the practice of this new knowledge you gain in your psychology classes that you gain real mastery of understanding women. For example: you may learn of a study that tested how women respond to certain smells and how smell plays a big part in their perception of life situation. Regular showers and some deodorant at the very least would be a good start. And if you can find that one smell she likes better than others, you are golden! Or perhaps you read about how women need validation and not for a man to try and fix everything. With this knowledge you may become a much better listener and ask if she’d like help instead of insisting you know the answer.

There are so many bits of wisdom you can pick up about both yourself and women by just paying attention, you can accelerate that learning by enrolling in online psychology courses. It can be rewarding to learn something about how women perceive the world, to change your behavior so you can be more successful in relating to them and find out that they respond in positive ways! All you need is a little learning and some practice and you will be understanding girls sooner than you think.

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