Most jobs you will find that you get to work with people. In some careers this is more true than in others. If you become a computer programmer, affectionately known in the industry as a “coder” you may find little human interaction. This of course depends on your work environment. I know environments where you can find much group collaboration and others where you work in relative isolation.

Everyone has their own individual needs when working with others. You may work better when given instructions while others may work better giving instructions. If you have noticed that you have a particular liking to helping people find fulfillment in their jobs and not doing the actual job itself, then take a look into getting your human resources degree. You can do it online and soon be helping people get the most out of their jobs. Here are 3 cool areas in human resources that you can pursue after getting your degree.

Training: Do you like to talk? Have no fear when it comes to standing in front of people? What about your ability to convey ideas and keep people interested? While some of the trainings that come from HR are anything BUT interesting, if you have the aforementioned skills you may be good at doing the training part of HR responsibilities. But don’t worry! If this is not you, there are other areas to explore. Come along with me and we will do just that.

Recruitment & Hiring: Are you more of a one on one person? Are you a good judge of character? A resume can be so sterile, but during recruiting fairs or interviewing you can see the person behind the words. If you can get along well with people and are good at assessing their abilities, good at questioning and asking probing questions, you may find this aspect of HR enjoyable. While firing may also go with this job, a good people person can also do this with grace. But if you are not so much about confrontation then perhaps the next role will peak your interest.

Compensation Analysis: While some people are more right brained and enjoy the interaction they get with people, others get more enjoyment from helping people by crunching numbers. Those responsible for compensation, benefits and incentives have a special place in the company. It is these people who are able to help incentivize employees to move forward in accomplishing their tasks and meeting company goals. And whereas before HR kept mostly in the background the government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook notes that they are playing an ever increasing role in executive strategizing. They need people who understand numbers and can help them retain the best employees.

So whether you like to help people by talking to groups, interviewing individuals or by going more left-brained and providing the number manipulation that is necessary to keep good employees motivated there is a place for you in Human Resources and what better way to get started managing people in these and other ways than to get your online human resources degree? It is never too late to begin!

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