Have you ever been to a Star Trek convention or seen coverage of one on the news? Well if so, you may not feel as connected to your inner Clingon as those you’ve seen dressed up and speaking a language that only true Trekies know and can appreciate. Don’t worry, that is not the kind of future that I am referring to. The future I wish to talk about is the future where technology is taking us.

At one point they said that every 6 months existing computer technology becomes obsolete. That window narrows with each passing year. I once bought a 500 GB storage drive. It was just about the top of the line in the consumer market at the time and it was about half the size of the average college textbook. Just the other day while walking through store I saw that same volume available for a quarter of the price (Even taking into consideration that I purchased my storage device at a clearance sale) and just about a quarter of the size.

Over time, hard ward gets smaller and more powerful. We are able now to transmit much more information in much shorter a period of time. For those who remember the dial-up internet connection days, I bet you wish you didn’t! To be relegated back to those days after experiencing today’s high speek internet is enough to drive anyone mad, especially if you are a gamer. Just think, the highly popular world of war craft wouldn’t even be possible on a dial up connection. However, the alternative of text based video games is similarly exciting 🙂

No, the future I speak of one most cannot even comprehend yet. It’s the future that those with the vision and the skill create for us. Who knows, but that we will have computers connected to our brains in some way that lets us record in text form our thoughts, transferring brainwaves to books, electrical impulses to interesting articles?

The future at large, both the kind you see in science fiction novels as well as the ones you can imagine, will be created and pushed forward by those who know information technology (IT). It is those in the IT field that make so much of our modern world run. And in coming days this will only hold more true. It is those in IT who push innovations in medical diagnostic machinery. It is those in IT who are responsible for the vary network of Walmarts and their amazing distribution system, of knowing when stock needs to be ordered based on the purchasing rate of local customers and trends. Similarly, you probably would not have such a good experience with FedEx if they also did not rely on information technology.

Yes it is true that people run the machines, but the machines enhance the people’s ability to move products quicker, provide them more consistently and improve them more regularly. Technology really is a wonderful thing

So, before you resolve to purchase your first Ferengi mask and join what you think is the future, just let us help you find an online school that can get you the REAL skills that will take you “to infinity and beyond.”

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