Marketing deals with understanding people’s emotions and why they buy. It is about understanding attention and how to keep it. Things that tap into people’s emotions are often used because they tend to keep attention the best. A good marketer knows that tapping into people’s fears or their basic desires is a way to sell products. While I am not condoning the ethics of such advertising I am suggesting it is not only important to know how to sell a washer or dryer, but how to sell yourself.  . You can do that with an online marketing degree, no not an “online marketing” degree, but an online “marketing degree.” 🙂

In the ever changing world of marking it is important to continually hone your skills. Knowing what people want, their motivations and desires gives you a window of opportunity into providing that for them. Automobile manufacturers and shoe distributors spend millions of dollars on market research so they can give the customer more of what they want. You too can know how to better sell yourself by investing in an online marketing degree.

Obtaining a piece of paper that says you spent money and persevered in classes is not the only thing that a degree means. To potential employers a degree in marketing can be very enticing. The essence of any business is making money and the better they can do that the more successful they are in terms of one of their core purposes. Even if you do not end up in the marketing department it has been pointed out by small business consultant Michael Gerber that everybody in a company should be on the same page, that each point of contact from the sales rep to the customer service employees are telling a story about your company to the customer. Therefore, you can be a very valuable asset to a future company just by knowing how to present your company and its products or services to potential buyers.

In addition to making yourself more attractive to potential employers, you may just find that you can use some of your marketing skills to help you find a date, or to help your kids’ lemonade stand take it up a notch. All in all, by getting a degree in marketing you could learn how to put your best foot forward and set a good impression with all those you meet.

If you wish to not only know how to sell goods, but how to sell yourself, check out an online degree in marketing. While you will not necessarily be learning how to read minds you will learn how to know what people want and how to deliver it to them. “Find a need and fill it,” is a solid line from the movie Robots. If you want to achieve your dreams, learn to see others’ and help them achieve theirs.

These are just a couple thoughts I wanted to share with you about how you can get in touch with others’ wants and desires as well as your own by starting down the road to a marketing degree.

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