With the growing population, rising rates of sickness and the advent of Canadian-type medical care in the United States there is an ever increasing need for medical professionals of all kinds and online nursing schools are helping to fill the void.

I was driving down the freeway last week and I noticed a billboard that was advertising a nursing school and the need for more nurses. Unless there is a dramatic decrease in the population there will continue to be a need for people to enter the field to learn how to care for sick people.

Peter Buerhaus, in his article Current and Future State of the US Nursing Workforce (JAMA.2008; 300: 2422-2424.) published an estimate in the Journal of the American Medical Association that a predicted 800,000 RN positions will be open by the year 2020, leaving not only much opportunity but potentially a greater pay due to hospitals seeking to entice nurses into much needed positions.

All in all you would have to admit that if you have ever considered a career in nursing or you have stopped for some reason while pursuing it, it may be a great time to check out some nursing school, including those found online.

You can look more into current and future nursing prospects by checking out the U.S. Government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook (http://stats.bls.gov/oco/ocos083.htm) put together by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The Bureau states that with 2.6 million jobs, registered nurses (RN) account for the largest sector in the healthcare field.

If you would like to work in a hospital, 60% of the nurses end up there, so you have good odds. And while future prospects will vary from place to place, opportunities are expected to be excellent!

Do you like teaching others how to take care of themselves? Well, nurses do just that. Education is important in the nursing profession as nurses both help to contribute to and create plans for patients to help them maintain their health.

If there is a particular population you enjoy working with, say the elderly or infants, there is room for you in those directions. You could also specialize in certain areas within those populations, say working with those who have cancer or those with skin disease or mental illness.

Thought that modern medical care was all about giving drugs and surgery? Think again. If you have an inclination towards alternative health there is a growing interest in the medical world for those trained in and skilled at ways to treat patients and produce treatment plans that have fewer side effects than traditional western medicine.

So, with the wide open door and the vast number of opportunities you can’t go wrong with nursing as a potential career. If you like to help people or would like to learn how, let us help you find a good online nursing school by filling out the form on the site. You are sure to find a great solution to place you on the path to breaking into the field.

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