MBA. What does it stand for? Motherly Bandit Association? My Band’s Awesome? Well, not quite , but close. MBA is an acronym for Masters of Business Administration, but I think I am going to take the approach we started with and use the acronym to help you learn how you can maximize your time and enhance your career with an online MBA degree.

Let us start with the letter M. This can mean many things, but it is probably obvious from the title that we are going to go with Maximize. An online MBA can help you maximize your time by giving you an educational solution that takes advantage of the internet and its virtual classrooms. Instead of having to go to a physical location you cut down on drive time necessary to attend the local college. You also maximize your time by being able to not only study, but participate when you have the time. Lastly, an online MBA degree maximizes your time by

Moving on, we encounter the letter B. This is good one. Bigger? Better? Bodacious? All good words for what comes from getting an MBA, but truth be told, I was thinking more along the lines of Back-up. Whether or not you current job requires you to know what you will learn from your MBA, it is always good to have a back-up plan. Not only will a degree build your skill set, but it will make you more marketable when the inevitable day comes around, yup, I am talking about layoffs. While no one expects it to happen and most of the time it seems like it never will, in the world of business there is no telling what can happen. Plans can change as fast as the weather and the necessity of management to cut part of the labor force, to sell the business or to change things in some way that are to your disadvantage can happen quicker than you think. Chances are that if it has not already happened, it will. So, why not have a Back-up by getting your MBA degree?

To conclude our little journey through the alternate meaning of MBA we come to the letter A. It IS awesome to get an online MBA. And true, it is applicable to the world at large to have someone with business skills, but let us wrap this little lesson up with the word Achievement. I have talked with several friends who have struggled through their MBAs and while the knowledge is definitely they have attained, the achievement of which I speak is much more than that. When one puts their energy consistently into something that requires learning, thinking and analyzing they grow in ways that go beyond just the knowledge they gain. Learning to be diligent in the face of obstacles, learning to focus in the face of distraction and learning to persevere in the face of fear or uncertainty are all Achievements that will not only help you maximize your time here on earth and upgrade your career, but may mean so much more than can be explained.

So, with a new meaning for MBA you are set to remember how getting yours will Maximize your time, provide a Backup in case the wind turns cold and give you a sense of Achievement that is only found in hard work and persistence. These are but some of the benefits of an online MBA degree.

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