Dreams are funny things. Sometimes we think and think about our thinking and still what we really want remains just out reach. While other times we feel so clear on what we should do, on where our effort in this life is best spent. Most often our lives are most fulfilling when we focus on what we can become instead of on what we can get.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you 4 ways in which working for your online nursing degree can help you achieve your dreams. Again, keep in mind that the outcome or dream of which I speak is about becoming and is not necessarily tied to what you end up doing, as long as it is in an honorable path. Becoming a mobster or scam artist inherently ways to NOT achieve what I am talking about, but then again, they are not majors taught in schools, unless you consider marketing a scam.

First of all, a degree in nursing will introduce you to new information about how the human body works. You will learn how to aid people in their times of emergency and need. You will also learn how to prevent such emergencies. This type of education opens up doors of opportunity for you to help others even outside of the emergency room or hospital. This kind of helping can strengthen relationships like nothing else, it is motherly and your can become known as a caring person.

Second, your nursing degree will give you opportunities to think, as will all degrees. The process of using your brain to consider new thoughts, evaluate them and incorporate new information is one that is essential to all areas of our lives. Learning how to learn and how to analyze information and make sense of it is something we do every day of our lives. So whether you are working on that highly coveted underwater basket weaving degree or a nursing one, know that you will most likely come out sharper, quicker in thought and all around better able to think about life and its many problems.

Third, by taking the step and earning your nursing degree online you step into the future. While the internet may have been part of your entire life, it is a relatively new thing, always evolving, always giving us better access to the information that can make our lives easier and more meaningful. By spending some time working on the internet, especially if you are not used to doing so, you can hone some of your searching and computer skills which will help you be better prepared to work online in the future or to understand another 5% when the annual techie convention comes to town and you meet a geek in the checkout line of the grocery store.

Last of all, by pursuing an online degree in nursing you will most likely gain a skill that so often escapes people, that of diligence and hard work. With a skill as basic as this, you will need to stretch yourself and put yourself into situations that require you to do so. Unless you grew up homeschooled by a mother that taped the names of your body parts on you and read from the Mayo Clinic’s Family Health Book at the dinner table, a nursing degree will require you to stretch and study and learn many new things.

So, with dreams often illusive at times, take a step back and think about who you would like to become instead of what things you would like to accumulate. Many who dedicate themselves to a pursuit of stuff find later in life that the rainbow never stays still long enough to catch it, and the gold they hope for is always one more hill away. Rethinking your dreams may help you rethink education and getting an online nursing degree.

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