Passion requires that one follow his heart to the end of the road it dictates. It is on this journey set forth by the heart that one arrives at a private place, victorious in every man’s goal of becoming what he was meant to be.

You followed and now you have an online business degree. You’ve been led this far, do not stop now. This is but a milestone on your mission. It is now time to consider where the knowledge you learned while obtaining your degree could best be put to use. It is time to make the world a better place with your new found wisdom.

I cannot pretend to know the path in life you are to travel, so I am merely going to share with you some ideas to chew on. Often times the direction we are to take becomes clear as we consider, with a type of future looking consideration, the various possibilities. Pay attention to see if you feel any of these ideas resonate with you.

Some who get a business degree are bound for management positions where they will be responsible for training those with whom they work, collecting reports, motivating their team members and putting forth the marching orders. It is not for everyone, but while some are natural leaders others can learn to grow into the shoes that a manager must fill. If you like to have lots of responsibilities and recognition for company growth, management may be your spot.

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, talks about how some people are better apt to take on technical positions. These are the coders, the mechanics, those who work in the trenches building the products and diving into the details of the specific projects that managers often times do not touch. This too is not for everyone, but if you like to give special attention to detail, making sure that things are just right then your business degree may just help you get in the door. While some technical positions require prior education, many of these skills are learned on the job.

Some free spirits feel the need to stretch their wings and soar higher than any technical job or managerial position can take them. They are the thinkers, the idea men, the visionaries. Do you like to create things from scratch that did not exist there before? If so, your business degree may best be put to use in the context of creating a new business. It is said that many businesses fail in their first year or two. This is true, but those who have an cling to the passion mentioned at the beginning of this article can weather many storms that would threaten to overturn the ship of creativity. He who has a why can figure out almost any how.

These ideas are just to get you thinking of some general directions you can pursue now that you have your online business degree. Take some time to mull each of these over in your mind. Where does your heart lead you this time? Those who ignore where their heart is leading them often wind up in unhappy places. You must own what you choose to do. Don’t let anyone tell you what you have to do. You can listen to ideas, but in the end, it’s up to YOU to decide what is best. Just make sure that you pay attention to your passion, it’s there for a reason.

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