We live in an age of technology. We can speak to people thousands of miles away in near real time. This great possibility to do what was only once dreamt of allows us the ability to make leaps and bounds in our understanding and to progress mankind forward into an exciting and positive future.

The cool thing about online schools is that they are riding the wave of this trend. Teachers of the past sat in front of large classrooms and lectured to students who were physically in their presence. Now, educators can sit in front of virtual classrooms of thousands and perform the same function they once did, but with many restrictions peeled away. Here are five other cool things about online schools that make them a strong consideration for any looking to become educated in this new age of information & tech innovations.

First, online schools give you flexibility to learn from just about any location on earth. No more need to pack up and move away for several years. You could stay home and get your degree. Or, if you are a traveler, you could pack up and move away. You may even be able to get your bachelors in geography if you pay attention.

Second, many online schools do not require you to be somewhere at a given time. If your schedule is subject to change and you like the flexibility of changing your schedule as needed, then a few online classes are a very good bet.

Third, it is fun to do something new. Most likely, the majority of your schooling experience has been in the classroom, not on the net. While I is not a far away land, the internet is something new for most of us, as far as education goes. Give it a try, I am sure you will love it!

Fourth, there is a powerful motivator I have come to know and it is in being able to focus and get things done. They say that many stop liking reading because their brain comprehends things much faster than most allow themselves to read. Consequently, they are bored during their reading sessions and move on to other things that are more captivating. Because you do not have to go at the pace of other students, you can be as productive as you wish and move forward at the pace that is satisfying and challenging for you.

Fifth, similar to the fourth cool thing about online schools is that when life crisis come up, you are able to drop the schooling for a while and take care of important things. Life is such that there never seems to be a dull moment. Just when you get comfortable, it seems like there is always something to rock you out of it. Because this is the case, taking classes where you dictate your speed, you can pause when necessary and not traditional consequences like fines, retake fees or bad marks on your transcripts.

So, with these five cool things about online schools it would be a good idea to consider where you are at in life, where you want to be and if you could get there faster with an online experience.

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