There is a saying that the blind cannot lead the blind. It is only through coming to see with new eyes that we can help others do the same. This is the process that education facilitates, the opening of eyes to new understandings. While the horse led to water has to choose to drink, a teacher can do much to “salt the oats” or encourage and inspire the minds she seeks to educate and the eyes she seeks to open.

One of these ways is by receiving training in the latest teaching methods and methodologies. Those who spend some time to take to earn their teaching degree can be powerfully “upgraded” as to their ability to affect the minds of students. And with the convenience that the new online colleges offer, you can start opening eyes in no time!

I want to tell a story about a student that had his eyes opened by a teacher who was skilled at his art. This student desired to take a new and difficult step in his life. This new journey entailed putting aside many of the things he loved, traveling to a far away land, learning a new language so he could communicate with the people among whom he would be living and perhaps hardest of all, it would mean that he would have to leave behind his family and friends for quite some time.

In the course of his preparations this student sat at the feet of a masterful teacher that inspired in his the desire to be more, to reach higher and to care more purely for those for whom he already loved. There was something in the manner of the teacher that brought this out in the student naturally. It was not his voice, for that was high and squeaky. It was not the teacher’s appearance, for he was tall and lanky, not much to look upon. It was not even the teacher ability to communicate as great as it was. No, it was something more that brought new life to the student.

Time passed and through constant tutelage at the feet of the master the boy grew strong in his beliefs and assurances that he was making the correct to choice to leave and journey to a far away land. It was in this far away land that the student would seek to give to others what the teacher was now giving to him, a rare and special gift, prized above all others. At first the gift quite intangible, only a feeling, but it soon came to be all too clear. The gift was love, a pure love that can’t be faked or synthesized. It is only through consistent and sincere actions that it is cultivated and shared.

So, knowing that he was cared for, the boy left to take to others what he had received for himself. It was the dedicated work of a teacher who had sought to be that love that inspired it in others.

An online teaching degree will not deliver this great gift, but it can help magnify one who seeks to have it. If you have ever felt this stirring in your heart to inspire others to be better and more, set a plan to do so, you won’t be sorry.

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