In the world of online university courses there are many lands to explore. One can stay close to home or travel to faraway places, never encountered before. Before you begin your journey consider some of these new destinations you can go by enrolling in some classes.

Music: When the battered child prodigy went deaf he sawed the legs off his piano so he could place his ear on the floor and hear the vibrations the strings made. Beethoven, master of music, has taken me to many faraway lands with the brilliance with which he sought to perform his craft.

Literature: Simple, yet memorable was the beloved Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. He could make up words to create images and it was through many of these images that I came to love and know many of the lessons I now hold dear to my heart.

Art: It was at an art camp that my eagle head made its first debut. Lost in a trance, it felt as though I were almost becoming the eagle. It was almost as if the eagle were drawing itself. In moments of creativity many have come to know the relationship between people and nature. Art can facilitate that.

Chemistry: The periodic table does more than make freshman chem students dizzy. It predicts relationships between known elements. It beautifully creates a roadmap to understanding the deeper workings of our world. It is in this field that many have come to know life more fully.

Mathematics: Remember the times tables? Those papers with grids on them, numbers up top and numbers up and down the side? That is where it begins, but for way to many it ends not far beyond that. Mathematicians over the centuries have unlocked knowledge about an infinite number worlds, but they did not do it by mere times tables alone.

Food: I spent two weeks once cooking recipes from a cookbook of Rachel Ray. It was a delight having her in the home for that time. I came to know a great woman, one who loves food as much as I do. There was something else. I found joy in the preparation of the meals, more than I thought I would. While we can gain our sustenance from the basics of the food pyramid, a true artist has learned to make food live and dance inside our mouths.

It is good to know that we all have our own interests, talents and directions in life. It is in this that we all come to benefit from each others’ passions, that we come to see the world differently and that we come to travel to faraway lands. Examine some of those lands before you begin your travels. You will not be sorry for the map that will be created in your mind from this preexamination of the possibilities.

When you have determined you destination, use some online university classes to take you there, but remember always to enjoy the journey, for it is in the journey that the destination develops meaning.

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