Ya know what? After writing for so long about online education I am starting to think that there is something in all of it for me. I am starting to see the benefits and beginning to understand how it can work for me. After all of this, I wanna get an online university degree!

So, I like to make lists, right? If you have book marked my column here and have been following along you will realize that I revert to lists of one form or another just about every other article, maybe more. Well, I would not want to disappoint my loyal fan base, so I am going to present here the top ten reasons I wanna get an online university degree. Enjoy!

10. I get anxious at times when I feel boxed up. I can hack classroom settings, don’t get me wrong, I am talking more about feeling like I have to do something once I begin. I feel like the online option would allow me more ownership of my education.

9. Parks excite me. I am sure you diehard fans of mine already know that though. I feel a kinship with nature. The calm gives me strength and I think clearer thoughts typically when outside amid God’s good creations. I like the idea of being outside learning and growing.

8. So, I am a tad impulsive. While this can lead me into trouble at times, it can also be very positive force to get me to do awesome things that come to mind that others would just sit on. With this little personality trait I believe I can benefit from being able to stop a class midway when the need fits, something I can’t really do and succeed in a traditional classroom.

7. When I said I like parks, you may also be able to surmise that I like forests and hiking as well. Well, if you thought that, you would be right. I have had a dream to thru hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. It’s a wish, but if it ever happened I would love to rig up a way for me to learn snag a degree while up on trial.

6. I really like technology. Sometimes a little too much, but I’m learning to keep focused despite the endless possibilities for distraction. I think that taking some online courses would really give me a good focus on the computer, teaching me to stay focus amid distractions.

Well, looks like my list may be making this article longer than I want to pursue right now, so with those 5 reasons, I’ll end for now and continue the list in my next article. But before I close, I want to just say that I am excited to look into what online degrees are out there along the lines of my interests. Education is so much more captivating when it is in an area that we love or that we have a reason to learn. Online university degree, here I come!

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