ROAD TRIP! Yup, I said road trip. Isn’t it the best to take some good company, get in a car and just travel? Of course it is always better when the tunes are layin the soundtrack to your journey. It is on those long stretches of road that you come to know those you’re with better…sometimes a little too much! But it’s always fun to see new places or revisit old ones.

It was on those kinds of road trips that I first experienced some of the great man made marvels of the world. It was on one of those trips that I crossed the bridge overlooking Glen Canyon Dam and the one at Hoover Dam. It was on one of those trips that I stood in awe of man’s ability to build bridges.

In space and time there are few greater feats that man has accomplished than providing ways to cross vast chasms, whether in the physical world or in the inner world of men’s hearts. Perhaps those that stand in the outer world seem so great because they are symbols of the bridges that brave men and women build between peoples of different races, cultures and beliefs.

That is why building bridges with an online engineering degree is so appealing, because you are in essence bridging the gap between peoples and facilitating their mutual communication, commerce and cooperation.

I visited a dam when I was young and it was inspiring to see the old photographs and video footage of the men who brought into reality the design and vision of marvelous engineers. The scales were grand and the risks were high. It was through a slow and steady process that those dams were made and when completed, they harnessed nature, provided hydroelectric power to thousands.

Another feat that has always fascinated me is the building of skyscrapers. Similarly, looking at old images you can start to see a story unfold, that of hard workers bringing to life some well studied engineer’s plans. Shirtless, ripped men bolting together beam after beam high up in the sky. Creating palaces of the business world or community living places in the case of apartment buildings, putting into practice the principles of engineering collected over the ages.

Even a simple dwelling place has engineering merit and markings. In the homes that you and I dwell in we daily see the results of those who have studied elements of engineering. It is here where we may most often overlook the fact that someone had to have thought this up, drafted it out and finally, hired people to construct it all. I am not sure taking this for granted would serve us any.

Wherever there is man, there will be engineers, thinking about, designing and bettering the way we live whether it is in the facades in which we live, the vehicles we use for transportation or the appliances that make convenience so part of our homes. All these people are bridge builders, helping to facilitate human relationships. And you too can build bridges with an online engineering degree.

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