I want to bring something to your attention. No, not that the IS in the title looks like is and if read that way makes the title read very awkward. Something else. I want to point out to you that between you and your next promotion is a firewall. What do I mean? Well, you know what a firewall is, right? It is a piece of software that resides on your computer allowing certain programs to communicate, to go out to the internet and let information come back into those programs.

So, with that, here’s what I mean there is a firewall between you and your next promotion. To take a step forward or up in your career you need education. It is this education that allows people to get through the promotion firewall. Those who legitimately help the business are often given access to higher level positions. That’s just the way it is. They often block outsiders from getting in and give the people already installed in their company opportunities to grow and access higher positions, but again, only as they serve a valid purpose.

So, what to do about this firewall. Well, here is where I explain what the title really means. IS does not mean is, it is an acronym and stands for Information Systems. So, now does it make sense? By getting your online IS degree you can upgrade your position in the company and get through those necessary corporate firewalls.

It is in the enhancing of your skills that you become more valuable and there is need in many companies today for those who understand how the information systems of a company work whether it be the billing software and how it communicates with the bank account, the internal network on which work is saved and collaborated on or the company phone systems and how they route calls to the proper desk. There is always a need for companies to have those who understand systems of information.

So, with a little attention, perhaps getting up a little earlier or turning off your show that you watch each night, you can have a IS degree from an accredited online university in no time. One of the benefits of doing your degree online instead of at a local college is that you are able to fit it more easily into your schedule. You can take your classes from your lunch room during your work breaks or after work and just before mowing the lawn or cooking your dinner. Because there are no classrooms times you can learn where you want to and when you want to.

It is a no brainer (most of the time) to seek more education in order to upgrade your priority to get through that company firewall. So, why not spend some time online going after an IS Degree that can really give you some extra points with your boss and help you to slip out of your current position and into another that offers more rewards. While it may not be right for everyone, it just may be right for you.

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