There have been many world disasters in the last decade. In each instance there is a need for people who work in the health care industry to travel to these places and offer emergency medical help. These are opportunities to be involved in humanitarian work, to put your skills to good use and help people who cannot help themselves.

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in the United States’ Louisiana. When many local services were instantly shut down or destroyed because of the great storm many rushed to their aid in the form of helping to rescue, providing first aid and take care of immediate food needs.

Likewise, the earthquake just off the coast of Haiti’s Port au Prince caused that city considerable damage. With an already weak infrastructure there was a need dire need for outside help. Many remain there even now providing the help that Haitians will likely need for a long time to come.

In Chili recently there was a collapse in a mine where over 20 workers were trapped for over a month. Health Care consultants were brought in to help determine the needs of those workers while they were waiting to be rescued. One of the determinations was that when they were reached and brought out that they needed to slowly take in food again. With the lack of food going so long this measure was necessary to prevent serious health consequences.

In areas across the U. S. and world there have been many fires, floods and earthquakes causing considerable suffering and need. Those who have spent time obtaining their online health care degree could be some of the first to go the aid of those who need most urgent help.

Have you ever had dreams of going to the rescue of your brothers and sisters who experience dramatic displacement or who have no means of having what you and I have access to? This spirit is definitely one of love and compassion for your fellow man and is in much need today as many suffer needlessly at home as well as the world over.

I have had friends, even with minimal experience in health care travel to Guatemala, Honduras and other countries to help villages build better facilities, to pip clean water into their towns and to help with other needs. So, even if you do not have a health care degree, there are still opportunities for you to help out in meaningful ways.

However, with all the disasters that put people instantly into places of need and with the shortage of skilled medical workers, it would be a very noble and valiant calling indeed to dive into an online health care degree and move yourself closer to filling this void and helping those in need.

There are also doctors, dentists, surgeons, etc. helping to fix cleft palates and do much needed dental work to give kids a life that is free from some of these. So you see, it’s not just all about bandaging wounds, but there are many areas in the health care field in which you can put your services to good use. So, if you have ever considered humanitarian work, there is a need for what those with degrees and the education that brings to the table to help out and serve those who cannot help themselves.

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