There I was, hanging from a cliff in the middle of the Amazon. I screamed, but to no avail. My cries drown out amid the call of the wildlife, dampened by the thick forest foliage. How in the world did I get myself into this situation I would never know. But unless something happened quickly I wouldn’t even have the chance to reflect on it.

Alright, so I admit, there are probably better decisions I have made in my life, but how was I to know that choosing the Amazon as my honey moon spot would end up like this? Yeah, it seems obvious NOW. Sheesh! Get off my back and let me finish the story, will ya?

So, as I was saying, there I was, hanging for what amounted to my dear life with no obvious way out of the mess. Man, I’m sure new bride was having the time of her life back out the resort pool while I was out this scavenger hunt! If she only knew that her recently graduated husband may soon leave her a widow.

It was just then, with great beads of sweat dropping off my face that it happened. What you ask? Well, the best way I can describe it is by saying that the very fabric of the space time continuum split and what once was not possible all of a sudden became possible. Not sure what the heck I am talking about? Hold your horses, it does not happen every day, so it’s hard to describe.

Like I was saying, in the middle of my despair I saw a ray of sunlight peek through the overhead canopy and shine onto the pen in my breast pocket. It was almost calling to me. I quickly pulled it out with the free hand that was doing nothing to help my situation and quite naturally I started to draw a ledge upon which I could step. The pen’s ink took on the air once I was finished it filled with color and form. It was all too welcome to question whether or not it was actually happening.

After a moment’s rest I drew myself several footholds on the edge of the cliff and again, they filled in and gave me no reason to doubt that they would perform as did the ledge that saved my life. Now at the top of the cliff I glanced at the pen. It was the pen that the dean of my online art and design college had sent to me along with my diploma. I was just starting to see what a great decision it was to register for that degree!

Well, yeah, I was up top, but I still had the pen and I wasn’t going to let this chance go to waste. I drew myself a glass of milk and several warm chocolate chip cookies. After all, saving yourself from falling off a cliff in the Amazon with a graduate gift is hard work and what better way to celebrate than with some milk n cookies. I think I can understand now why it’s Santa’s favorite treat. He’s a hard worker!

Man, I really don’t think my lady, or anyone back home for that matter, is going to believe that my online art and design degree saved my life while on my honeymoon to the Amazon. Oh well, I got the pen to prove it. Just then the ray of light closed from the heavens and the pen lost its ability. 🙁

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