Alright, you ever had that experience where once you break up with someone you see the face of your ex in the faces of strangers, hear their voice in the crowd and even smell their scent in most random places? Well, that is kinda what happened to me when I had tried for years to join the circus. You laugh, but it was my childhood dream. I had been pursuing it for just about a decade when all those hopes were smashed when the head of the big top told me finally got sick of me coming back with new tricks in which he could see no commercial value. It was then that he ordered me off the grounds with firm orders never to come back or that he would call the police.

Man, how heartless do you have to be to kill a boy’s dream? So what if I wasn’t a bearded woman, could walk on a tightrope or was scared of lions and cannons both. I am sure that he could have found a place for me.

I am sure that you can relate if you think about it. Anyhow, wandering down the long deserted away from the circus scenes flashed into my mind. They were scenes of all the good times that I tagged along the circus folk with anticipation of becoming one of them someday. I must have walked for hours before I realized that I didn’t know where I was going. Those memories carried me along and perhaps helped me to forget for a while the fact that I was no longer going to accomplish my dream. I sat down against a  log that lie a stone throw’s distance off the road. I dozed off with those images keeping me company and what happened next was odd, but would forever change the direction of my life.

I was back at the circus tent. Standing just ahead with his back towards me was the circus director. He looked over his shoulder and the anger that he had sent me off with earlier that day was washed from his face. Instead, an inviting expression showed in his eyes. I followed him, eager to be welcomed back so soon. This was my big chance I thought. Boy was I wrong!

He led me into the middle of the tent where there was the largest computer I had ever seen. There was no crowd, but once I took my spot in center arena in front of the computer the people all of a sudden started to filter in and very soon packed the house.

I looked over at the director and he nodded at me like it was time for me to now do what had been practiced for so many times before. The only problem was, I didn’t know what to do. I looked back at the computer, scanned the crowd for some indication of why I was there, then back at the director. He motioned to me to turn on the computer. I walked around the backside of the large machine and the audience held their breath.

The computer buzzed and the screen flashed. The crowd cheered and I walked back around to the front. I was confused, but something had appeared on the screen. They were the three large words. That’s all. The three words that changed my life were Online Accounting Degree. I turned to the now hushed crowd and questioned, “online accounting degree?” Again cheers shot out and I was then jolted out of my sleep to see a truck bumping down the road in the distance.

Confused, but strangely renewed I stood and stuck out my thumb for a ride. The truck stopped and the man driving asked where I was headed. Confidently I answered, “to the nearest computer sir!”

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