I have a dream. No, not exactly like the one that Martin Luther King Jr. had, but similar in a way I guess. My dream has to do with the growing tide of apathy that people nowadays show towards one another. Turn on the news and you will see what I mean. Man kills his own mother. Child runs away from home and robs a liquor store. Woman abandons her child in church parking lot. All these things show to me that there is a lack of love for fellow humans, an apathetic attitude towards seeing others as people with needs and wants just the same as we have.

Well, I have a dream to shake all men and women from the chains of apathy and replace them with the bonds of caring, respect and concern for each other. In this world there will be none that go hungry and the reason why is because everyone is concerned with their fellow man just as much as they are with themselves. So, there would be absolutely no destroying of valuable crops, let alone paid subsidies for doing such a heinous crime against humanity.

It would be a world where kindness would be the first thing that people think about upon waking and keep them a time or two from resting at day’s end because of the energy with which it gave them. It would be a place where letting people go first in lines at the bus, supermarket or on the freeways would be the norm and not the exception. It would be a place where laws were good and laws were followed. The need for enforcement would wither away.

I dream of a world where people seek to better themselves for the good of their brother in addition to the personal gratification it brings. They would willingly help and willingly be thanked and repaid tenfold from others who did the same. The would be no need to horde food or money or other possessions, for everyone would have what they need and want, though their wants would be swallowed up in the joy of helping the others in the human family rise to greatness as well.

The world I can imagine is a world where education is a daily constant. People seek knowledge and use the knowledge so as to make it part of them. They learn by doing and do to learn more. The advanced in technology would skyrocket, even past our current understanding. There would be time for leisure, but the leisure would also be building, not merely avoidance of life as it so often is now.

I can see this world coming into view and I imagine that it starts with people getting excited about learning and feeling the growth that comes with it. It is then, in this state that they can help others to do the same. And it all starts with one person getting an online masters degree and then inviting three friends to do the same. All it takes is one person to make a difference. Will that person be you?

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