When I was young I received an allowance. It wasn’t large, but without doubt it always managed to burn a hole in my pocket despite the little piggy bank my parents got for me, meant to me learn how to save for a rainy day.

There was a study done that tied a child’s ability to postpone immediate gratification to a future ability to be happy. Why is this? Perhaps it’s because the problem with always wanting more and wanting it now is that we never run out of those desires. We continually seek for more and more interesting ways to fulfill the same old desires. Those that learn to be content with what they have find that anything above and beyond that is just icing on the cake of self contentment.

Well, if you were and are like me, where money has a tendency to burn holes in your pocket, you may want to take a few online finance courses to learn how to either cool off the money before you put it in or how to line your pocket with fireproof lining.

Seriously though, one of the best ways to learn something for yourself is to go into a field where you must then apply the learning. Finance is a field in which you can daily use new money skills. While not true in every situation, the skills you learn often bleed over into personal habits. And last I checked, one of the core classes in any quality finance degree one that teaches how to line your pockets with led, so believe me when I say that it’s a good place for a spendthrift to spend their time.

Saving for a rainy day is so important. We never know when something may happen to us or someone we love. Natural disasters, accidents, and household breakdowns are never expected, but they should definitely be prepared for. If they never happen then we were safe. If they do and we haevn’t planned ahead then we’ll be sorry instead.

This is the kind of behavior that doesn’t just change, especially if a habit is tied to a deeper insecurity that needs addressing. So with that in mind, taking some courses in finance can help you learn and practice the new skills you need to take you out of the pit of despair and lift you up to big rock candy mountain where things are happy. 🙂

Lastly, if you can at very least, see your need for change then you’re on the right path. Perhaps now there lies a valley of excuses in the way of getting you from here to there. One of the biggest hurdles may be that you just don’t have the time to register for school and go each day to classes that take away from work. If so, try some online classes. With this approach you can get the “lectures” on your time. You don’t need to miss work or anything.

Whether you are looking for a new career or just to learn some new things or sharpen up on what you used to know, an online finance course may be right for you. AND if you’re like me as a child, you are gonna need to do something about that money slipping right though your fingers. You can do it!

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