I once had a professor who had done just that. She wanted to live without regrets so she asked herself the question, “what do I fear?” The answer that came back was kids. So it was decided, her next position would be with the department that dealt with children and families. It was about half way through her time there that she came to love the kids she worked with and now had one less to regret come her life’s end.

In the course of pursuing a career change, which now happens around four to five times during the average lifetime, one method of evaluating the list of opportunities is to consider what drives fear into your heart. Are you bad with money? Try a finance degree. Are you a dummy when it comes to math? Dive headlong into becoming the next Fermat. And are you a miser or a scrooge? Then an online hospitality degree may just be the right solution for you. Why’s that you ask? Well, let me explain.

First off in the hospitality industry you don’t succeed if you’re grumpy or care little about the people you serve. This is the first reason, but the reason for taking the degree online is so you don’t completely turn your professors and classmates into misers like yourself! You’re gonna need some time where you can just be grumpy all by yourself until you learn the skills that will help you succeed. J

While I make this suggestion tongue & check there are some real reasons why a hospitality degree would be a great new direction to travel. Here are a few:

The hospitality world is an exciting one where you meet new people all the time. You are also able to meet them often outside their regular work settings, where the vacation has had at least some calming effect on an otherwise stressed out individual. So, in this relaxed atmosphere you meet people perhaps at their best.

Another potential bonus in getting an online hospitality degree is that you can set your schedule in pursuing it. In traditional coursework your schedule is often set for you. Because you’re taking your class online you can find a degree that allows you to finish at your own pace, thus allowing you to set your own schedule.

After completing your degree you may also have many opportunities to travel. If that’s your thing, this is a good industry to be in. Hotels all across the world will be among your potential employers. Dive in and see what the world has to offer you. While traveling is not for everyone, it may be for you and securing your place at the travel table will be a good opportunity for you to look into.

No matter if you’re a scrooge, a totally happy person or somewhere in between, in evaluating your options for your next career change, it would be grand to include in your thinking what a degree in hospitality may have to offer you. For maximum flexibility it may also be good for you to examine your online options. Combine the two for a truly great new direction to your life.

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