So, you have heard that shinny red convertibles attract the babes? Perhaps a slick hairdo and leather jacket will be a nice touch? What about a boatload of money in the bank or a big house? These are popular myths. Even if you choose to woo the babes in one of the above ways, you’re bound to have a gal that loves you for your stuff. How cool is that? Not very! What happens when you loose it all? Will she stick around?

But follow my lead and I will show you an iron clad way to find the best woman who appreciates you for your brains. Sure you may get amnesia or some form of early onset dementia, and loose your smarts, but you are much more likely to find the babe of your dreams by earning yourself an online university degree. Sometimes all it takes is being enrolled in a program.

Now that we’re straight on what girls want, here’s a handful of ways to woo them with your wicked new knowledge.

Babes love it when you can ask them good questions. So try something like this on your first date: “Man! I just love interdimentional time travel! You ever notice how you loose like 20 pounds when you slide through a wormhole portal?” If you sense she’s not much into sci-fi, you could try the food approach; most babes eat food, so this is a good backup plan. It could go something like this, “Did you realize that for each pound of food an elephant eats he poops out five? That’s tons! I mean seriously, I bet you only have a 1:2 ratio.”

So, after wowing her with your random knowledge you could play some math games with her. Start with this one, “If you weigh ‘x’ pounds and I way ‘y’ and y=190 and y+n=x, what does n equal?” This is a wonderful brainy game because girls don’t like to come out and say how much they weigh, but trust me, if you couch the question a lovely little game like this, they’ll be dying to tell you!

By this time she’ll probably be hanging all over you, giving you that mushy eye batting that girls do. And that’s when you know that your degree isn’t just in urinal construction, it’s in babe magnetism. But don’t stop there. You’re in a fragile stage that requires continual impressing if those classes are going to pay off.

I would suggest next going to the latest action flick with a notepad and pen. Meticulously count the number of seconds between scene changes and record them in your notebook. You can have her time and you can write or visa versa. If she’s really worth it, she’ll jump all over this geeky data gathering project.

To round off the evening take her out for some ice cream. There you can share with her how many calories she’s ingesting and point out in a matter of fact sort of way just how sugar and calories turn into fat cells and toss out estimates of just how much weight she’ll probably gain from eating that cone.

Taking her home after a education packed evening like this is sure place you in her top spot for a second date. In fact, try this last little experiment. Tell her you appreciate that she didn’t get the large ice cream and that you respect her more now that you know how much she weighs. Then, close your eyes, pucker your lips and count how many seconds it takes for her to go inside and slam the door. Don’t worry, this is an indicator that she was so overwhelmed with such an amazing braniac that she had to take a little break. Rest assured that you’re sure to see her again!

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