If you are like me, you like to have a change of scenery every now and then. Sometimes you like the indoors, but other times there’s no enticement inviting enough to lure you inside. Sometimes a library will, do, while other times a park bench or crowded café does the trick. While you can definitely utilize this revolving surroundings method in your study & homework, you’re pretty much trapped when it comes to having to be in class at set times.

Well, if you’d rather be jet setting than staying local to attend to an inflexible classroom lecture schedule perhaps there are some ways you can rethink going back to school. Here are some possible ways to maximize your location freedom with the help of online college courses.

As I write this I am sitting on a bench in a shaded area of a park I’ve never been to. A gentle breeze cools me as Annie Lenox sings a quiet melody, breathing creativity into my mind and a calm that unlocks mental barriers.

I chose the time and I chose the place. I’m somewhere new, untethered by time or place to do what I’ve chosen to do. Because I work from my laptop and simply need an internet connection to submit my articles, I can literally go anywhere and not get behind or have to take time off. In fact, I will be going to Disney Land in a month and will even spend some time before heading to the park makin a few bucks.

When I was going to school, online colleges weren’t the norm, so I spent much time in the library between classes. It was a place of quiet for the most part, but for some reason I require a regular change of scenery to give my mind opportunities to soar, and soar it does!

This is how I maximize my work, by performing my given tasks in places that give me energy. It is still the same work I may be doing in a cubicle, but instead of feeling like prison bars it feels peaceful and fun. Now I’m not saying that this kind of switch is good in any area, though it may be interesting to see if this kind of distance approach could be tried with McDonald’s cashiers or lifeguards J.

Here’s a something to try. Get yourself a laptop. Pick your favorite book store, café or business that has internet access. Make a map of that store in every state where you have a friend on whose couch you can crash. Sign up for an online college course of interest and hit the road, spending a day or two in each location, doing the dishes of your friends for room and board. Work in the mornings and see the sights and spend time with your friends in the evenings. If you want a plan that gives you a little more time to study & do classes? Take a bus!

Traditional college courses offer many benefits, but if you’re the wrestles type that needs to roam around don’t rule out college for you. Just because the old way didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean the new way can’t. In the world of online college courses you have the opportunity to maximize your freedom of location and to conquer the hurdles that have kept you from continuing your education like you always wanted to.

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