There are few things better in life than an online masters degree. Alright, so if you pressed me I’d say that there are many things greater, like the cool breeze on a warm Fall day or a pet parrot that can tell you that it loves you, and perhaps even running a marathon for the first time, but when all is said and done putting some attention behind that long thought about, but never pursued master’s degree could be right up there with a loving bird, running a crazy distance for fun or experiencing the subtle joys of the changing weather.

Life is a jumble of priorities and it’s the wise person that knows just which ones to procrastinate. As it turns out though, too many of us put off the wrong things. Perhaps it is the fear of failure that keeps us from pursuing our education. Or maybe it is the uneasiness of the unknown that keeps us glued to the things that currently fill our lives.

Whatever the reason we haven’t put our education as a top priority it would be well worth our time, money and effort to reexamine continuing in school where we left off.

For many, an undergrad degree is just a right of passage. How many employers really narrow their search based on specific 4 year degrees. In most cases this is just a general education, not time enough to become proficient at any one skill. With so many businesses also providing on the job training to so their employees will do things according to the company’s specific methods and processes, a master’s degree can help set you apart from the crowd.

So many get stuck in life doing the same things day after day with little change and worse, little improvement over time. It is in these situations that complacency, mediocrity and “just getting by” become the standard and continuing education becomes something out of reach.

With the changing face of today’s technology opportunities to further education and skills is becoming an ever increasing opportunity for all. Online classes and master’s degrees of all kinds are available and there is no shortage of fields that one can pursue.

Whether it’s the fear of something you might not be able to do, the uneasiness that rustling out of the sedentary lifestyle or anything else, spending some time evaluating your current happiness and goals is the first place to start. These are the things that provide the motivation that pushes people through school and into higher states of learning, understanding and growth.

If after evaluating your goals you come to a place where you realize that higher education is in your future, considering an online degree should be a close next step. With the flexibility of online classes disrupting your current lifestyle drastically may not need to occur.

So, here’s the bottom line. If you go are experiencing an itch for something greater and you have been away from education for longer than 10 years, it may be time to think about busting a move and getting that online master’s degree. While the degree itself cannot provide happiness, you may just come to realize that in the process you have come a place of greater awareness, and THAT indeed can make you happier.

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