Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I really make an online university work for me?” Well, you wouldn’t be alone if you had. Because of the differences between online and traditional universities you may think that there’s no way to come out ahead.

I would like to tell you a little story about two wolfs. One is a white one, the other black. These two wolfs are enemies. Where the one dominates the other cowers and where the one rules the other lurks in the shadows. Well, the truth is that these two wolves reside in each one of us. They represent our conflicting desires which battle each day within our own hearts.

“Which wolf wins grandfather?” A little Indian child once asked. The grandfather’s reply was wise and born out of a life of observing this struggle in his own breast, “The one that you feed my child, the one that you feed.”

What does this story have to do with online universities or the price of rice in China? Well, it’s like this: If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. If you feed the desire to make it work for you, you can. Conversely, if continue to create list of reasons why it won’t work for you, it probably isn’t gonna work out too will for you.

So give you a few thoughts to chew on if you’d like to feed the wolf of making it work.

Face to face classroom lectures are one of the things that you may miss in participating in an online university. If this is a concern for you, look for internet classes that provide real time lectures in which you can still see the teacher and ask questions as it goes along. This type of education is often referred to as distance education. It’s not the norm, but if it matters to you, you can find what you need.

Another thing that can be difficult is to spend time reading online course material instead of real books that you can toss in your backpack and take to a park. If staring at a screen too long is problematic to you, you may want to invest in a printer so that you can still digest a good deal of your materials the traditional way where you can mark it up with a pen and such.

Sometimes the added flexibility of classes not being at set times can throw students off if they’re not used to it. Creating a simple schedule should do the trick. Structure is important to accomplishing thing. Rather than making this additional freedom a hindrance, plan and make it a benefit. Pick places that help you focus and even people with whom you can sit and feel motivated to complete your set goals.

These are three things that can help you adjust from the brick and mortar school to a more flexible online university. They needn’t be reasons not to consider online education. If you prepare well you find that you’ve adapted quite well and that the pluses outweigh the minuses in taking an online course or two!

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