There was once a time when schooling entailed packing your belongings into a gunny sack and walking many tens of miles to the nearest city. You were lucky if you had a horse. In the city you would have no contact with your family for perhaps years. You would spend late nights by candle light and tirelessly spend time copying Latin phrases with ink quills.

It wasn’t until a couple years later that a little advancement called the internet allowed people to stay home and pursue an education in the comfort of their pajamas. Sure it just seems like yesterday when the pony was replaced by the car and quill assignments on tree bark or parchment by lightning fast computer calculations, but truly the possibilities now are astounding with regards to kind of education you can obtain.

Some of the possibilities are great. They sure beat the “good old days” and all the laborious sacrifices that went into getting an education. Often times people just went uneducated because of the hardships tied to it. Some of the coolest things about getting an online degree are that it can be done anywhere, worked into your schedule and you can work at your own pace

Do it anywhere. This is one of the coolest things about online degrees. I remember as a child being pulled out of school for family vacations and missing an entire week of class. Upon returning it was a dreadful thing to catch up to where the rest of the students were. If only I had the ability to go where I wanted and not have to worry about missing things in my education. Well, you can! That’s what’s so cool about online degrees is that you complete them wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and BINGO! You are all ready to get crackin. Well, you are also gonna need some money too. Forgot to mention that. J

Work it into your schedule, around the things that are important to you. Let’s say I love to play tennis and that I have practices daily from 8 until 1. I have high hopes of competing and it is a pretty positive influence in my life. With online classes I don’t need to feel bad about not having time in the mornings to attend classes nor do I miss out by not being able to be in class sometimes because of a tournament or two. With online degrees I have the flexibility of working around my schedule so that I can do what’s most important to me while still receiving an education.

Work at your own pace. One of the things that have always been frustrating to me is when I have to do busy work when I already understand a principle. It’s almost like a blanket is placed over the students and all the teacher sees is bumps where they are sitting. Not being able to identify the students, their strengths or weaknesses, it’s like they all get treated the same. Everyone does not work the same, understand the same or progress at the same speed. If I understand something, why not let me go ahead and learn more as fast as I can? With many online degrees this is exactly the case.

Truly there are many benefits to choosing an online degree. The choice may not be right for you, but consider the above ideas to determine if it is.

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