People define success in different ways. To one a successful graduation may involve the strait A, no social life method. On the other end of the spectrum others there are those that get their strength and success from partying all school year round. I’m going to show you three tips to help you get a balanced approach to taking how your online college degree.

The first rule of balance is to know just what you can handle and to not bit off more that you can chew. Recently I opened the pages of a book called Square foot Gardening. It was a new approach on an old practice. Just because things have been one way for so long doesn’t mean that they have to stay that way. By considering what you want to reap from your garden you can plant on ly what you want and not have to worry about weeding much more space than you need, nor have to spend hours thinning the plants you don’t want, so the ones you do can grow.

Similarly, you need to know how much time you want to spend doing school work and how much time you want to spend socializing, exercising and sleeping. Surprisingly, some consider sleep a secondary priority when they pack their schedules full of classes they didn’t anticipate would take as much time as they did. A basic rule, most things take longer than you‘ll expect and cost more. Plan for some time to catch up if you need to take your focus off school for family or other needs.

Secondly, when seeking after a college degree it’s important to make sure that you understand how the professor thinks. Some professors want you to known everything in the text word for word, a memorizing kind of thing. While other professors grade based on online classroom lectures. Knowing what your professors style is will help you keep your priorities in study straight. Paying attention to the syllabus, initial classes and asking questions where you aren’t sure are some keys to being in sync with your teacher.

Third, where you study is often as important as how or when. In the right environment you can be relaxed, focused and alert. If you get distracted easily you may find that a local park yields better work than the library or at your desk in the dorm room. Other places I’ve found particularly wonderful to study in include by the river, anywhere with headphones or as strange as it sounds, occasionally I find it helpful to study in a food court or where there’s so much going on that it makes it hard to focus on any one thing.

Whether you are interested more in social time or your grades you can always find a balance and by taking just the right load and selecting positive places to study. Applying these little tips will give you confidence in the work that you do and that will spread over into your social life, allowing you a balanced school experience. You can graduate with confidence and perhaps even with honors.

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