Golden rules are quite special rules that a person should always keep in mind and never forget. They are really important and useful guideposts to keep us focused and headed in the correct direction.

5 Golden Rules for finding the best online college:

Golden Rule # 1. Only choose a degree from an accredited college. The rationale behind this really is only colleges that have been accredited will offer a degree that is equal to any on campus degree.

Golden Rule # 2. Avoid colleges that aren’t forthright in the accreditation or qualifications. You really need to be careful in this area because wasting your time and money doing a degree that is worthless can be heart breaking. And you have to remember that any college that is not accredited will use words like ‘licensed’ ‘chartered’ and ‘pending accreditation’.

Golden Rule # 3. Read the small print. There’s good reasons you need to do this. Among them are that you will need to know exactly what your course involves. Do you need to spend time on campus? Are there lab units that must be completed at the college itself?

Golden Rule # 4. Know how many hours you need to commit to each week. If you’d like you could get this done by contacting the course advisor or the college directly and inquiring what the break up of hours are.

Golden Rule # 5. Know that you will need to keep up the motivation. This could certainly include creating a study schedule that you stick to each semester. It will be important since it is the one reason that so many students drop out of online study.

As you follow these golden rules to finding the best online college, you’ll find life easier for you, your progress more rapid as well as your successes more pronounced and frequent.

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