As with any online college degree programs you should research not only the field and course that you want to enrol in but also the college that is offering you the degree courses. There is no shortage of inferior colleges to be found in distant education and so you should be looking for some key points that will have you choosing a reputable and legitimate online college degree provider.

Make sure that your college is accredited. This doesn’t mean that it is licensed, chartered or pending accreditation either. Unless the words used are accredited, assume that it is not and move on. It is hard enough to find the time and the money to earn your degree without wasting it all on some fake college that offers a degree not worth the paper it is printed on.

Secondly, ensure you read the entire course requirements for the degree that you are undertaking. Many of the degrees offered online require some student time to be spent on campus. If you are enrolled in an online program located at the other end of the country and you need to spend every second Monday in the lab on campus then this is not going to work. There are loads of degrees that don’t require campus hours and there are loads that do. Ensure you read every requirement for your course and choose accordingly.

Thirdly, know that just because you aren’t studying on campus that it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the student support and access to information like the on campus students do. Many times, learning online can feel like you are the only one ion the virtual classroom. This isn’t true of course and the great thing about it is that you are able to join the college community online and share ideas and support for your degree and other college related information.

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